KeNHA Unveils Strategic Sh394 Billion Plan to Construct Major Highways in Kenya

The Kenya National Highways Authority's (KeNHA) transformative strategic plan was recently officially unveiled by Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport, Hon. Kipchumba Murkomen EGH. The innovative five-year (2023–2027) strategic plan lays the foundation for transforming the country's transportation infrastructure.


The Kenyan government has allocated Ksh394 billion for the KeNHA Highways Plan, which would be used for major highway construction, maintenance, and expansion over the next five years. This five-year strategic plan for KeNHA Highways states that Ksh192.5 billion, the entire amount, will be used for major road improvement projects, including the dualling of the Rironi-Nakuru-Mau Summit highway.


The estimated overall cost of building new roads, including those on which construction has already begun, is Ksh117 billion. KenHA is to allocate an additional Ksh84.5 billion towards the restoration of roadways that are in bad condition, resulting in a total spending of Ksh.394 billion on road projects.


The government agency KeNHA has been entrusted with raising money to build three toll roads, including the dualling of Rironi-Nakuru-Mau Summit, for which KeNHA will provide a total of Ksh35 billion, during the review period between 2023 and 2027.


The KeNHA segment between Mau Summit and Malaba has announced plans to mobilize Ksh12.5 billion, despite the government withholding details regarding the identity of the new contractor to be in charge of building the dual carriageway that would eventually open the Northern Corridor.


The first phase of the Nairobi-Mombasa Expressway construction project has been approved. Ksh25 billion has been set aside for it in the budget. The construction of this toll road will follow the public-private partnership (PPP) framework.


The estimated overall cost of the Kula Mawe-Modogashe route is Ksh11.6 billion. A further Ksh9.98 billion is anticipated to be spent on the Isiolo-Kula Mawe as the government gets ready to complete the road projects that the previous administration left undone.


KeNHA is also planning to construct the roads Marsabit-Segel-Maikona, Barpello-Marichpass, and Isiolo-Mandera. For this road project, KeNHA anticipates spending about Ksh6 billion.


The anticipated period of 2023 to 2027 will see the construction of 2,349 kilometers of roadways. In its 2023–2027 strategic plan, KeNHA disclosed that 1,183 kilometers of newly constructed roadways will be built, 674 kilometers of existing roads will be enhanced, and 492 kilometers of existing roads will undergo restoration.


The implementation of the foregoing strategy KeNHA Highways Plan will be financed by partnerships in development to support significant projects, lobbying the exchequer for adequate funding, and the Ring Fencing Road Maintenance Levy support (RMLF) for road maintenance. The organization will also adopt PPPs, increase internal revenue production, and impose tolls on major highways.

Posted on : 05 Mar,2024

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