Project to Build a Dual Carriageway on Kiambu Road in Kenya

According to the Ministry of Roads and Transport, preparations are moving forward for the project to widen the Kiambu Road in Kenya.

According to reports, Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) and Sinohydro Corporation Limited, China, have already signed an MOU for the project's completion. Environmental impact assessments, basic engineering designs, and feasibility studies for the project have all been completed.
The ministry added that the National Treasury has received the research, designs, and evaluations. On the other hand, the latter has given KURA the go-ahead to continue with the project planning. It will be done "within the existing legal and regulatory framework."
However, the project's implementation schedule has not yet been decided. The timing will be set later, according to Joseph Mbugua. Mbugua specifically noted that "after the necessary legal regulatory and funding approval clearances are completed.
The project is anticipated to cost 286 million USD in total. This includes 55.26 million USD for services related to land purchase and relocation.
The GoK will fund the project in collaboration with the Chinese government through the Exim Bank, according to Mubugua, the Principal Secretary for Roads.
The completion of the project to widen Kiambu Road in Kenya will be a huge relief for drivers and commuters. Especially from the continuous traffic jams encountered during peak hours on the highway that feeds traffic into and out of the populated metropolis of Nairobi and Kiambu county.
Kenya will investigate the viability of building the Muthaiga-Kiambu-Ndumberi road. Following the selection of two consulting firms by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) to carry out the research. KeNHA has chosen Apec Consortium and Span Engineers, who are collaborating as a joint venture (JV), to gather opinions from the local residents and develop a project design.
The route, which runs wholly through Kiambu County, begins at the Thika route interchanges at Pangani and Muthaiga and continues through Kiambu before coming to an end at Ndumberi.
All access routes to government institutions along the stretch must be planned as part of the research for the design, including but not limited to district offices, schools, colleges, and other government institutions. Additionally, the design must take into account the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system along the major route if necessary, as well as significant loop roads within townships, market centres, and potential bypasses along the road.
According to a report by KeNHA, the government is putting together the paperwork for the dualization of the 25-kilometer Muthaiga-Kiambu-Ndumberi road, which is a vital link between Nairobi and Kiambu. In order to make this easier, the authority plans public meetings with residents that may be impacted by the project in order to gather their opinions for consideration as sustainable measures are being developed.
One of the biggest sources of frustration for drivers in Nairobi is Kiambu Road, which is notorious for gridlock at off-peak hours. As Thindigua, Kasarini, Kirigiti, Runda, and other areas close to Kiambu town rapidly grow with hundreds of apartments and flats, the government seeks to lessen gridlock and traffic jams along the route.

Posted on : 27 Apr,2023

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